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 Jiangyin Yaruxu Textile Co., Ltd.
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Jiangyin Yaruxu Textile Co., Ltd. locates at the Luqiao Town, Jiangyin City, anancient town in the south of Changjiang River with beautiful scenery in the Changjiang Delta Zone, as the economically developing region of Suzhou, Wuxi and Changzhou. It isadjacent to the Huaxi Village famous in our country and only 10 kilometers far away from Jiangyin Changjiang Great Bridge. Relying tothe Changjaing in the north, facing Taihu Lake scenery zonein the south, Closing to Changzhouand Nanjing in the west, leaning againZhangjiagang and Shanghai in the east, its geography situation obtains advantages and its land and water traffic is very convenient.
Our company specializes in producing the slub woolen cloth and processing the dyeing and finishing.
Tel: +86-510-86371972  Fax: +86-510-86371973
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